Meeting and talking in depth with professional musicians is a key aspect of my research. The interest, support and input I have received from all the people who have taken part so far has been simply amazing. When I began the project I never dreamt I would meet so many incredible artists, many of whom are my musical heroes. It’s been an absolute thrill to discuss how they perceive their instruments and music. This post will document on an ongoing basis the artists who I have interviewed for the book.

The bulk of artists interviewed so far are jazz and blues musicians. Recently I have met some classical musicians whose art places very different demands on the player. The interviews have all taken face to face and have lasted between 30 minutes and 4 hours. The discussions give a glimpse into the rich world of multidimensional representations and knowledge frameworks that go to make up the instrument and music in the mind for these virtuosos. My heartfelt and sincere thanks to all these artists. If you are not aware of their music please click the links to their personal websites and check them out!

Occasionally I remember to take a camera with me to the interviews and, on fewer occasions, I actually remember to use it. Check out the Musician Gallery for snaps of some of the artists.

This list below is grouped by the musician’s first instrument even though many are multi-instrumentalists. The date and location of the interview follows the artist’s name.








  • Evan Jenkins. 14/08/2010, London, England.
  • Peter Erskine22/03/2011, London, England.
  • Brian Blade29/03/2011, Paris, France.






Chromatic Harmonica

Diatonic Harmonica