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Hello, I’m Lee and I suppose I’m a creative generalist.  My diverse career includes designing footwear for Puma, being a professional musician and working in operational and strategic roles in digital, technology and telecoms. Today I always try to combine my passion for creativity, design and technology in my work.

I never imagined I would attempt writing a book. The idea for ‘Brainstruments’ all began from reflecting on my own approach to the harmonica an instrument I have played for over 20 years now. In October 1988 I became hooked on the harmonica after seeing James Hunter at a gig in Soho, London. The sky opening moment was repeated when I saw BB King a couple of years later and I picked the guitar. I formed my first band called the Cool Grey 5ives while studying Industrial Design at University and in 1993 I won the UK’s National Harmonica League’s annual blues harmonica contest. In the same year, following  graduation, my intention was to pusue a design career but my mind was changed following the experience of touring Canada with Grammy winner Alannah Myles.

In 1997 I formed the Lee Sankey Group and went on to release two critically acclaimed albums (“My Day Is Just Beginning” in 1999 and “Tell Me There’s a Sun” in 2003) through my own label. My group toured all over Europe playing world class venues and festivals such as Ronnie Scott’s (London), The New Morning (Paris) and the North Sea Jazz Festival. I have been graced with some incredible musicians in my band including Ian Siegal, Matt Schofield and David Midgen. I stopped touring in 2004 to focus on my business career, however, my passion for the harmonica, guitar, songwriting and music in general remains undiminished. I still try and play everyday much to the annoyance of the cat.

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